5 Questions to Lars Wrobbel

Lars Wrobbel

In the diverse world of investment, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending stands out as a field that combines innovation, flexibility, and potential for solid returns. At Debitum Investments, we continuously seek insights from industry leaders to better understand the evolving dynamics and investor perspectives within this sector. Today, we’re privileged to share the viewpoints of Lars Wrobbel, a leading figure in the European P2P blogging scene and a veteran investor. Lars runs the popular P2P website Passives Einkommen mit P2P, dedicated to the German market, where he shares his experiences on P2P lending.

Interview with Lars Wrobbel:

Question No 1 / For how long you invest in the P2P industry? 

“I have been investing in P2P loans since 2014. Many of the platforms that exist today didn’t exist back then. The market was also largely unregulated and very dangerous.”

Question No 2 / In how many platforms do you place your investments? 

“I currently manage 20 active platforms. However, I have been invested in a total of 49 platforms since 2014.”

Question No 3 / What are your main criteria when choosing which platform to invest in? 

“As my P2P portfolio alone now stands at over EUR 400,000, I have become increasingly cautious. Today, I mainly look at the following things:

  1. regulation (I prefer regulated platforms)
  2. track record (if a platform has made it 5 years, that usually says something).
  3. transparency (if you can’t find out anything about the portfolio, it’s rather difficult for me these days).
  4. reports (audited and up-to-date)
  5. stability in crises (this is where the real winners and losers emerge).”*

Question No 4 / Why do you invest in Debitum Investments? 

“Apart from the Ukraine portfolio (you still have some work to do here), Debitum has proven to be a stable partner for many years with a good return. In the past, I have been very satisfied with the choice of loan originators, because that is what makes or breaks your business. If it stays that way in the future, I will also stay 🙂 Nevertheless, you need to do more in terms of transparency. For example, very little is known about your LOs, not to mention annual reports.”

Question No 5 / What are Debitum Investments strengths from your perspective? 

“Debitum has always worked very closely with the community and is always responsive. This is not always the case and I hope it will remain so in the future. Another point is the unique selling point of the marketplace for business loans. You won’t find that anywhere else. What’s more, your new management is extremely innovative, which is often lacking on other platforms. Things like regulation, annual reports and a competitive return are not worth mentioning for me because I see them as standard :)”

Lars Wrobbel’s insights shed valuable light on the evolving P2P lending landscape. His focus on regulatory compliance, platform stability, and transparency are vital considerations that resonate deeply with investors. At Debitum Investments, we take these factors seriously as we strive to enhance our service offerings and maintain the trust and satisfaction of our investor community.

Debitum Investments Team

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