New ABS from Sandbox Funding with 2% p.a Cashback

Debitum Investments is excited to announce the addition of new Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) offered by Sandbox Funding, a renowned Loan Originator on our platform. Known for its robust support of small and medium-sized enterprises, Sandbox Funding continues to provide our investors with lucrative and secure investment options.

What Is Sandbox Funding?

For those new to our platform, Sandbox Funding is a recognized Loan Originator that has been facilitating growth in various sectors by simplifying access to finance. As a pivotal component of Debitum Investments, Sandbox Funding specializes in structuring ABS that offer solid returns backed by high-quality collateral.

Attractive ABS Features

We are excited to unveil a range of new ABS features that align with diverse investment goals:

  • Term Lengths: Flexible investment terms ranging from 3 to 9 months.
  • Interest Rates: Competitive annual rates between 12% and 12.4%.
  • Payment Flexibility: Options for daily and monthly interest payments to suit your cash flow needs.

Exclusive Cashback Offer

Enhance your investment returns with an exclusive 2% p.a cashback on selected ABS, paid out instantly. Look for assets marked with a yellow badge in the investment section to identify eligible investments.

Diverse Project Backing

The new ABS are secured by high-value projects from:

  • Bono House: Invest in sustainable development with Bono House, a pioneering manufacturer specializing in eco-friendly wooden CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) houses. Their projects represent the cutting edge of environmentally conscious construction, providing investors with the opportunity to contribute to greener building practices.
  • JSC Juno: Enhance your investment portfolio by supporting JSC Juno, a renowned company dedicated to acquiring and managing forest and agricultural properties. Their strategic investments aim to increase the long-term value of these assets, offering robust opportunities for growth and sustainability.
  • LLC Juno Finance: Capitalize on the financial services of LLC Juno Finance, a subsidiary company of JSC Juno. Juno Finance extends critical funding to other forestry and agricultural companies, bolstering their ability to thrive and expand in these essential industries.

These projects reflect our dedication to offering securities that are not just secure but also promote sustainable economic growth.

Sandbox Funding 2023 Audited Report

Sandbox Funding has recently  released its Audited Annual Report for 2023. The report is available in the Corporate Governance section of the investment platform (Financial Reports block) – here. 

For more details and to start investing, visit our platform today at Debitum Investments and take advantage of this unique opportunity to grow your investments with added cashback benefits. Visit invest section here:

Keep growing, 

Debitum Investments Team!

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