5% Cashback Christmas!

Debitum has an unbeatable surprise gift in form of 5% per annum cashback for limited ABS (Look for the assets with “%” badge).

In order to clear out some ABS this year and have fresh offerings next year enjoy the mighty boost in your return already in 2023.

Promotion is valid only for the Sandbox Funding assets marked with “%” badge from 21.12.2023 until the end of campaign (08.01.2024) or until sold out.

For qualifying investments until 28.12.2023. cashback will be paid on 29.12.2023. For qualifying investments from 29.12.2023 till 08.01.2024 cashback will be credited on 09.01.2024.

Cash back calculation example:

For your 1000 EUR investment in ABS with maturity 100 days you will receive 1000 x 100 /365 * 5% = 13.70 EUR bonus.

Have a secure and profitable investing with Debitum!

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