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We won’t be mistaken if we say that all investors’ goal is to increase their income and strengthen financial stability.

However, everyone has their approach to achieving these goals. Including investing in P2P.

To find out the main reasons investment professionals invest money in P2P and in the Debitum Investments platform, from now on we will ask 5 questions to our partners and investors from time to time.

Clear questions -> precise answers.

Today we invite you to explore the investing reasoning of the seasoned investor (total portfolio of 120 000 euros) and owner of the financial blog www.Just-P2P.com , Silvère.

Silvère is an economist and IT engineer with numerous years of experience in business management, FinTech investment and digital marketing. He invests mainly in crowdlending, especially P2P lending, P2B lending, and real estate crowdfunding.



Question No 1 / For how long you invest in the P2P industry?

I have been investing in the P2P industry since 2019 at a time I was particularly interested in generating passive income. I found the blog of an Austrian investor talking about its investments in that sector among others, and since then, I have never stopped my interest in P2P investments. Following that, I started to invest and to document my journey but as I am a website developer and have a background in Economics, I couldn’t help but publish all my investment material online. The reason that gave birth to Just-P2P.com.

Question No 2 / In how many platforms do you place your investments?

I am currently investing 120K€ in a total of 7 platforms as I am very careful when it comes to choosing where I invest my money. I learned from my early mistakes and stopped investing on some other platforms. This year, I plan is to raise that number to 10 active platforms with the objective to diversify my portfolio with more P2B investments and to reach 170K€ by December. Actually, Debitum is the first P2B platform offering business projects I chose to start investing with.

Question No 3 / What are your main criteria when choosing which platform to invest in?

For that, I mainly rely on a tool I developed which is a P2P ranking based on 50 criteria. First, I look for the right balance between the security of the loans (and de facto the loan originators) and the return on my investments. The solidity of the platform comes third because, as proven in the past, even though they only act as an intermediary, their role is strategic and we definitely need them to find the ground for mutual understanding between investors and loan originators. My fourth criterion is liquidity but I don’t consider it as really important as I am a long-term investor. Finally, I approach diversification, the fifth criterion, at the portfolio level rather than at the platform level.

Question No 4 / Why do you invest in Debitum Investments?

Debitum offers attractive returns on investments that are backed by a wide range of collateral, all this under the supervision of the Central Bank of Latvia. I also like the diversity in terms of sectors as investors can invest in agriculture, forestry, energy, and gaming. But I also appreciate being able to invest in the United-Kingdom, a country I did not have so far in my portfolio. Moreover, the Debitum website offers a really nice user experience (UX), certainly the best in the P2P landscape today. Finally, investors can feel how the team is dedicated to their investment activities and this is a very important point when it comes to building trust among the investors’ community.

Question No 5 / What are Debitum Investments strengths from your perspective?

Debitum offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of returns on investments as well as borrowers’ profiles. But it is also very nice that, whatever the investment, they are all covered by a buyback obligation and backed by a wide range of collateral types. Another point that I particularly appreciate is the systematization of the skin in the game, between 10% and 20%, for all the projects, which inspired trust as we have common interests with the loan originators. Finally, even though being regulated for a P2P platform does not eliminate all the risk, it is a really good point for Debitum to see the share capital climbing to 750K€ showing strength as such.

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