A stable foundation for growth is built. Annual report 2023

We have published Debitum Investments Audited report for 2023.

Along with the annual report a new section – Corporate Governance – has been launched.

“Transparency and professionalism are some of the key principles of Debitum Investments. That’s why we have created a section where investors will have access to information related to the platform’s regulation, financial data, procedures, and financial instruments,” reveals Debitum Investments co-owner Ēriks Reņģītis.

We can consider last year as a significant milestone in the development of the platform. Primarily, it is related to the change of owners of “DN Operator” LTD (owner of the Debitum Investments platform), which has initiated ambitious changes and improvements further on.

Although the year 2023 ended with losses (evaluating at the profit-loss level), the new owners assess it positively, because a stable foundation has been laid for the growth of the platform in the upcoming years.

The essential activities and achievements of 2023 should be highlighted:
  • The growth of Debitum community, reaching 11,646 registered investors

  • Increase of share capital from 390,000 euros to 750,000 euros
  • The cumulative number of investments has increased to 77,780,190 euros (increase in 2023 by 11,756,000 euros
  • The amount of Assets Under Management exceeded the essential threshold of 10 million euros, reaching 11,837,000 euros
  • Restructuring of investment services. In the second half of 2023, significant changes were made in investment services, which made it possible to offer investment opportunities with a broader variety of investment terms and annual interest rates.
  • More investment opportunities. Launched a new Loan Originator “Sandbox Funding” that allowed to attract more diversified investment opportunities to investors as well as test potential new Loan Originators
  • Functional and technical improvements of the platform. Re-launched real passive income Auto-Invest, redesigned Investors Dashboard, added new sections ProtectionPlus, What is ABS, and more.

“The company’s 2023 results are in line with the business plan, and this allows us to conclude two things. First, the Debitum Investments team has done a great job as more and more investors entrust us with their investments. Second, we can realistically forecast that the platform will reach the break-even point in 2024. As a confirmation of this is the Q1 of 2024, which we have concluded on a profit level,” continues Ēriks Reņģītis.

Corporate governance section as well as Annual report 2023 you can find here.

For 2024, Debitum Investments has set clear goals, where emphasis will be placed on the following aspects:

  1. Investment services. Offering investors a broader range of investment opportunities (Loan Originators and services). For example, Debitum NOTES (short-term bonds) launch at the beginning of 2024 can be mentioned.
  2. Transparency and professionalism of operation. To allow investors to look as deeply as possible into the operation of the platform and partners – Loan Originators. For example, the Corporate governance section, more sophisticated statistics, Loan Originators performance data.
  3. Increasing presence in new markets – both attracting investors from new markets and also new Loan Originators from expanded GEOs which will create even more attractive investment diversity.

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