Debitum announces new CEO

Debitum is pleased to announce Mr. Henrijs Jansons as Chief Executive Officer of the Debitum platform effective at the end of January 2022.

Henrijs is replacing current CEO Sergei Demchuk, who will focus on the Debitum platform growth and expansion in his new role as a Supervisory board member. 

Professionally, Henrijs has been working in FinTech, Finance & IT sectors for most of his career, from reshaping financial and operational planning to driving core financial system development such as loan origination systems, debt collection systems, self-service portals, and peer-to-peer lending platforms. 

“Closely analyzing all the candidates, Martins and I find that Henrijs experience, skillset and mindset is in the unity with and for Debitum. Together with Henrijs, we will continue our exponential growth and excellent product development path.” Sergei Demchuk, Supervisory board member

Besides leadership and excellent product development, Henrijs is a husband and loving father to 2 little boys who are motivating him every day to reach for the sky and strive for the best results.

“The reason I joined Debitum? Here I can utilize my skills, prior experiences, and professional contacts to the full extent by doing what I love – developing and launching new products that I believe in and that benefits society.
Finally, I am thrilled to join in this journey where we help small and medium-sized businesses accelerate and grow to provide solutions and services for the benefit of society.” 
Henrijs Jansons, CEO

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