Debitum Investments Welcomes Juno Finance

Debitum Investments is delighted to announce the addition of a new Loan Originator to our platform – “Juno Finance”. As we continue to broaden our investment offerings, this partnership underscores our commitment to providing diverse and robust opportunities in the financing of the forestry and agricultural sectors.

Introducing Juno Finance

Founded in 2023, Juno Finance is a subsidiary of the well-established Joint Stock Company “Juno”. Since 2016, Joint Stock Company “Juno” has been a major player in developing Latvia’s forestry and agriculture industries. Their mission is to enhance the long-term value of forest assets in Latvia by delivering expert consultations and services. These services ensure that every forest owner maximizes their profit while adhering to the highest standards of professional and sustainable management.

Investment Opportunities with Juno Finance

Starting Today, investors on the Debitum Investments platform can access a range of notes issued by Juno Finance, featuring attractive terms designed to suit various investment preferences:

  • Investment Terms: 6 to 24 months
  • Interest Rates: Between 13.5% and 15% per annum
  • Industry Focus: Financing of Forestry & Agriculture

Strategic Partnership Highlight

In 2023, “Juno Estate,” another subsidiary of Joint Stock Company “Juno”, inked a significant agreement with Invalda. Invalda is renowned as a pioneer of private equity management in the Baltic States, with a history dating back to 1991 and publicly listed since 1995. Mundus Bridge Finance, a private debt fund of INVL, signed a EUR 7 million bond program with Juno Estate. This program supports Juno Estate’s strategic initiatives to acquire and expand forest and agricultural land, extending its operations internationally. The bond program, which will be executed in tranches, saw Mundus Bridge Finance acquiring EUR 2 million worth of bonds at the agreement signing, with plans to purchase the remaining bonds later.

Why Invest in Juno Finance Notes?

Juno Finance operates as a non-bank lending institution that provides financing to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Latvia, particularly those in the forestry and agriculture sectors. Investments are secured by commercial pledges, mortgages, and other forms of collateral, enhancing the safety of your investments.

Their business model leverages the trade secrets and know-how of their parent group’s operations in relevant sectors, alongside advanced IT systems and reputable third-party services. This integration enables Juno Finance to manage and process loans efficiently, maintaining profitability even with smaller portfolio volumes.

Our Confidence in Juno Finance

We believe that our collaboration with Juno Finance not only broadens the scope of investment opportunities on our platform but also aligns with our vision of supporting sustainable business practices that contribute to economic growth. Each investment in Juno Finance Notes supports local businesses that are vital to the Latvian economy, while offering our investors competitive returns.

We invite our current and prospective investors to explore these new offerings. With Juno Finance, your investment goes beyond financial returns; it supports a sustainable future for the forestry and agricultural sectors in Latvia.

For more details and to start investing, visit our platform today:

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