Debitum August statistics / New assets and growing rates


In August, Debitum continued to implement the platform’s long-term development plan. Last month:

  • the change in ownership of Debitum was announced (expect more details soon)
  • Ukrainian asset management was restructured and announced
  • new investment assets from Sandbox Funding (loans from the forestry and agriculture industry), Flexidea Polska, and Triple Dragon became available
  • “A+ score” loan originator Triple Dragon launched (and the offer is still active) “Summer Farewell Cashback +1%” campaign

Actions have resulted in the increased interest of investors and the growth of the investment portfolio.

Performance indicators

Number of assets pooled into Asset-Backed Securities by Loan Originator

Total number of assets in the platform

The average interest rate continued to increase

The average XIRR ratio

The number of investors in the platform

Money deposited to Debitum

Total money invested

The proportion of investments allocated to LOs assets

* Debitum reminds – your earnings may be higher or lower than expected. Investing puts your capital at risk. Any indicated return does not guarantee the same future performance.

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