Debitum / January statistics and accomplished

  • The investment product “Short terms and Daily repayments” was launched. The new investment product offers to invest in ABSs with terms of 1 to 3 months and receive interest payment daily.
  • The new investor registration process was improved. Two major issues were improved – shortened registration process and implemented ID verification automation.
Performance indicators
Assets in platform
  • 51 ABS programs with 326 loans in January were placed on Debitum.
  • 28 ABS programs from Sandbox Funding, 18 – Triple Dragon, and 5 – Evergreen Capital
Interest rates
  • The average interest rate in the previous month was – 12.24% p.a.
  • All-time platform XIRR (calculated from 99.9% of all investors) maintained high – 14.34%
January repayments
  • 1 979 550 euros were repaid to investors in principal and interest.
  • The total repaid amount reached 67 782 688 Euros
Registered investors
  • 470 new investors joined Debitum and the total number of investors registered on the platform reached 12 123.
Money deposited
  • The total funds deposited on the platform reached 21 548 372 euros
  • The total amount of invested funds exceeded 80 million (80 040 087) euros.

* Debitum reminds – your earnings may be higher or lower than expected. Investing puts your capital at risk. Any indicated return does not guarantee the same future performance.

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