Triple Dragon invites – win Amazon gift card!

Our UK-based Loan Originator company Triple Dragon come up with a new initiative – the “Monthly lottery”.  

Starting from February every month, two lucky-hand investors will receive gifts from Triple Dragon.   

In February, everyone who invests in any A+ scored ABSs from Triple Dragon within this month will have a “lottery ticket” to win one of two Amazon gift cards. Each card’s value – 50 euros. Did you know that some Triple Dragon A+ loans are backed by receivables from Amazon?

To participate investors don’t need to take additional steps. Just place an investment in Triple Dragon assets. All investors – starting from 10 euros investments up to the highest ticket – participate.  

In case the investor has made several investments, there will be one “lottery ticket” assigned for all investments done. 

Winners in February will be announced by the 10th of March. Virtual gift cards will be delivered to investors in the shortest time accordingly.  

“As our business is related to the gaming industry, we very much appreciate the entertainment and fun element in everything we do. We believe it’s great if investors not only receive a stable income from investing in our business but have some additional enjoyable elements within the process,” comments Triple Dragon CEO, Pieter van der Pijl. 


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