Ukraine asset management 2nd quarterly report

March 2024

This is the second report that reflects the Ukrainian borrower company “Motor Finance” business operations.

The period: January 1 – December 31, 2023, and January 1 – February 29, 2024.

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Profit/Loss in period

In 2023 “Motor Finance” has worked with 5.852 million UAH profit. The Profit level is 13% above initially planned.

The first two months of the year 2024 have shown continuous stable growth with a profit of 2.640 million UAH. The results are related to higher sales volumes and better customer quality.

Portfolio data

During the year 2023 “Motor Finance” has almost doubled the loan portfolio from 32.878 to 64.947 million UAH.

January and February 2024 results show that the average new car financing pace has slightly decreased as in the year 2023. It led to portfolio growth of 9% to 71.340 million UAH.

Cash volume in 2023 has decreased from 25.842 million UAH in January to 6.475 million UAH in December.

Due to the fact that the Central Bank of Ukraine prohibition of any commercial financial transactions outside the territory of Ukraine is still in place, Cash resources have been injected into new loans issuance.


“Motor Finance” started the year 2023 started with -24.032 mil UAH in Net equity. During the 12 months, the Net equity ratio has increased by 8.253 mil UAH to 15.779 mil UAH.

The accrued interest to be paid to Debitum investors on December 31, 2023, was 1.957 mil UAH.

Find business performance indicators in Ukraine asset management 2nd quarterly report.

It is important to note that “Motor Finance” business operation reporting is done in UAH, while debt to Debitum Investments investors is in Euros. Deviations in principal and interest of the debt amounts can be experienced due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

We remind you that this report is created based on data provided by Ukrainian borrower company “Motor Finance”. The data included in this report is not audited.

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