What has changed? How to invest in ABS?

What has changed?

The most noticeable change is that as of 01.03.2022 claim rights assets are removed from the Debitum platform and no longer will be available for new investments. Debitum now offers Asset-Backed Security assets and they are already available online, listing will be updated with more assets in a short period of time. Please note that investing in ABS is similar to investing in 5 or more claim-right assets (dependently on ABS). Therefore automatic diversification is done for you instead. This means that the asset list will not be as saturated as with claim rights

To read more about Asset-Backed Security on Debitum visit Investing and Risks page

Read ABS announcement press release here

Additional changes were made since obtaining the license from the FCMC. We have updated all our services and procedures to comply with the licensing regulations so that we can offer you an exclusive ABS listing that is featured only on the Debitum platform. At the moment Debitum will provide more and more ABS assets to invest in. 

How to invest in ABS?

General investing experience is not widely changed. We have worked to maintain the same easy-to-invest approach the Debitum platform had previously. But there are some changes that differ from investing into claim rights and we want you to know them. Read further to learn more.

Firstly, you can find ABS on the same page where the claim right assets used to be – Invest. All ABS assets will be marked with a blue ABS icon.

Secondly, to invest you push as usual “INVEST” button, choose the amount of money you want invest and click “INVEST”. Before Debitum accepts your investment order, a modal window will appear with all the necessary documentation for you to accept. Documents you will see in the modal – OFFER DOCUMENT, PRIIP KID, FINAL TERMS. After you have introduced yourself to documents, you can make your choice to invest or not. By marking “I have read and understand” and pressing invest you initiate an investment order to be accepted and it becomes subscribed.

Thirdly, subscribed investment orders you are able to view on the “My Investments” page. Each order will remain subscribed until accepted. Order acceptances will occur every day at 00:00 GMT and after that, the order becomes an active investment.


Auto invest

For those who are using auto invest, please note that auto invest has to go through a transition period. Therefore for a certain time, auto invest will be under a makeover. Your investment plans will not go anywhere together with your previous auto investments. They will not work with ABS at the beginning but this will not be long and we will bring back all functions and adjust old plans to ABS in a fraction of time. Regarding auto invest you can contact our support if you have any questions.

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