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As summer approaches and the days grow longer, it’s the perfect time to refresh your investment strategy. We’re excited to offer a special 2% cashback to help you revitalize your portfolio. Our partners, Secured Notes issuers BONO House and Foresto, have come together to provide this exclusive opportunity, making it an ideal moment to explore…

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Debitum Investments’ Comparison of ABS and NOTES In late 2021, Debitum Investments (DN Operator LLC) was granted an Investment Service Provider license by the Bank of Latvia, marking a significant milestone. By February 2022, Debitum distinguished itself as the first peer-to-peer platform in Europe to offer investments in business loans, specifically Asset-Backed Securities (ABS). Since…

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Welcome back Bono House

Best selling partner of Sandbox Funding – Bono House –  Issuing Secured Notes!  BONO House, a company specializing in eco-house construction, has launched its first series of Secured Notes. This initial offering includes notes with a total value of 250,000 euros, aimed at financing house construction and real estate development projects. BONO House has earned…

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We have published Debitum Investments Audited report for 2023. Along with the annual report a new section – Corporate Governance – has been launched. “Transparency and professionalism are some of the key principles of Debitum Investments. That’s why we have created a section where investors will have access to information related to the platform’s regulation,…

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