Debitum March – accomplished and statistics

  1. Debitum Investments received an “A level” taxpayer rating from the Latvian State Revenue Service. Read more HERE
  2. As part of the long-term strategy platform have launched a new financial instrument – Debitum Notes.
  3. Yet another great campaign – “Money Back Before Summer” was launched (it’s sold out currently). 
Performance indicators

Available for investments

In March investors were welcomed to invest in 102 ABSs and 10 Notes.

Assets in the platform

  • New assets placed in platform – 3 638 000 EUR
  • Assets under management – 14 197 399 EUR
  • Total loan amount – 95 896 000 EUR

Interest rates

Average annual interest rate as well as XIRR remained above 12 and 14% p.a. accordingly.

Repayments to investors

  • 1.876 EUR were repaid to investors as principal and interest in March.
  • All repayments in March were done in time (including 7 days grace period)

Investors and investments

  • 837 new investors joined platform
  • New deposits – 1 465 779 EUR
  • Total funds invested in platform reached – 85 541 769 EUR.

* Debitum Investment reminds – your earnings may be higher or lower than expected. Investing puts your capital at risk. Any indicated return does not guarantee the same future performance.

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